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I just want to take a moment and share my experience with Dr. Kimberly Otis. She has been our primary care physician for 13 years, and her commitment to our family’s health has been incredible. She has always taken a holistic approach to our health, and has gone the extra mile in treating us.

After my heart attack she helped me with diet and a plan to get me off medications which has been totally successful, in fact my cardiologist was amazed at my recovery and progress. She has dealt with numerous issues which were not easy to diagnose, and required thinking outside the box, and I think that is why my wife and I are as healthy as we are.

She is like a member of the family and I literally would trust her with my life before any other professional. She is compassionate, caring and skilled. All of the staff at Evergreen Natural Healthcare are caring & committed. They work together to keep us healthy, and really care about our well-being. They never give up, and help us help ourselves achieve better health, and a better life outlook. They are simply the best.
You will find Dr. Otis to be one of the best listeners in the medical profession and she does so without judgment. She is warm and compassionate and truly concerned about her patients. How amazing to find a provider who calls to check in to see how I’m doing with a new medication. And when my dad’s traditional medicine doctor retired, I urged him to give Dr. Otis a chance and not only did he continue as her patient, he still attributes the healing of a difficult foot wound to her care.
Dr. Kimberly Otis has cared for my health as my primary care provider since May, 2011. About a month before first meeting her, I suffered a heart attack and received two stints. At the end of initial treatment, I asked, when I could discontinue my prescribed daily ingestion of statins and other medications. My cardiologist explained that the goal of post-surgery medication was health maintenance, not recovery. I was expected to continue the prescribed meds forever, while limiting strenuous activities. This provoked me to seek alternatives, as I enjoyed skiing, golf and energetic play with my grandchildren and rarely took even aspirin. Dr. Otis prescribed a regimen of supplements and dietary changes that facilitated my complete recovery. These days, over five years later, I take no prescription medications and enjoy energetic days of work and sports. Even the varicose veins, which started to appear in my legs before my heart attack, have disappeared.

Recently, an incident showed me, how widely effective are Dr. Otis’s naturopathic treatments. I developed symptoms of a cold or flu, and persisted to treat them with widely used medicines from the drug store. Finally, I sought help from Dr. Otis. She recommended a couple supplements for intestinal health and for clearing congestion. I felt much better after only four days, and recovered fully in about a week. I’ve been truly amazed, how effective these supplements proved against a viral infection. Next time I feel ill, I won’t wait as long to seek her advice!

In summary, Dr. Otis has always taken her time to really understand my complaints and given me specific and effective remedies. I value her advice and will continue to rely upon her as my primary care provider.
Dr. Otis gave me back my wellness.

I suffered from ulcerative colitis for 20 years, each attack lasting 3-6 months (with debilitating pain, swelling, IBS, slight anemia from blood loss, and a higher risk for colon cancer). Top Internal Medicine doctors in Los Angeles and Seattle told me it was an autoimmune disease that I had to live with, the best I could do was to manage the symptoms with medications including steroids, as well as have routine colonoscopies to screen for cancer. I was in my mid 20’s when I developed the disease.

In 2008 an acquaintance told me about Dr. Otis, and in desperation I made an appointment. Dr. Otis immediately assured me that my colitis and other autoimmune diseases I suffered from, such as asthma, were tied to an unhealthy gut. She gave me gut strengtheners, helped reduce my systemic inflammation and got to the root of it – a high sensitivity to dairy (which hadn’t shown up in traditional allergy tests). Within 2 weeks of taking dairy out of my diet and following Dr. Otis’s regimen, my ulcerative colitis cleared up and my asthma lessened. No more bleeding, no more cramping, my swelling went down and I no longer had to worry about IBS. A year later, during a routine colonoscopy with my Internal Medicine doctor, he exclaimed that the colitis was gone – there was no trace. I was no longer at high risk for colon cancer.

Dr. Otis didn’t put a band-aid on my disease, she got to the root cause and healed me. Other than an accidental dairy exposure while traveling last year, I have been ulcerative colitis free for 8 years – thanks to Dr. Otis.

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