Vital Life Program


Every patient should receive individualized healthcare that integrates the physical body, mind and spirit.  As Naturopathic Doctors, we developed a preventative and sustainable lifestyle plan.  We use the latest, most effective, science based natural treatments and customize the plan for you. Our Vital Life Program encompasses the following:

  • Allergy Identification - both food and environmental testing
  • Comprehensive blood panels - hormones, blood sugar, and heart health
  • Adrenal assessment- measure your stress hormones
  • Detoxification
  • Nutritional therapy - food as medicine
  • Movement
  • Stress management and life balance
  • Vital Living supplement support

Brain Health

The Problem: Brain Drain

Feeling foggy minded? Hard to recall names and events? Do you feel your brain is aging? It is vital to have optimal brain health.  Our brain is the body’s “power-house”.  We will assess and recommend therapies to enhance your cognitive health by addressing underlying brain inflammation.  Brain inflammation can lead to underlying disease pathways such as Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, ADD/ADHD, foggy brain, memory loss.

The Treatment: Our Cognitive Therapy Plan

A comprehensive plan, proven to restore a healthy, working brain and improve memory. Our plan addresses diet, sleep, inflammation, and brain supportive supplementation is similar to the MEND (Metabolic Enhancement of Neurodegenerative Disorders) program which has received  national acclaim.


First Line Therapy

First Line Therapy is a structured, clinically validated, lifestyle modification program designed to help you return to a balanced state of health.  The main goal of FLT is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition (lean-muscle-to-fat ratio), manage disease, increase energy levels, and improve over-all health.   Our program is a 12-week program that includes nutritional support, medical foods, and movement therapy.